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Congratulations on the regaining of exlusive agency status for SMT softwares on Nov. 22, 2012

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Congratulations on the successful completion of 2013 PST F.A.S.T and Kingdom softwares user meeting!

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April 22, 2013

Congratulations on the successful PST acquisition of JAS!

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Happy New Year!
    Best Wishes for the coming new year!
Jan.1, 2014
Hi, employment opportunities...
Sales Rep,Business Assistant,etc. Call 010-84871026 for more details
Jan 20, 2014


Company News

Employment Opportunities: Overseas Reservoir Engineer,
   Sales Manager,Sales Reps 2015-10-10
2015 IHS Petroleum Tightenup Challenge Forum 2015-03-31
Successful completion of 2014 unconventional engergy exploration and technology forum 2014-11-23
PST Service Corp. will be participating in 2014 Beijing CPS/SEG 2014-3-26
PST User Meeting Coming Up In March 2014-2-26
Employment Opportunities: Sales Reps, Business Assistant,etc 2014-1-20
PST Has Acquired JAS 2013-10-20
Kingdom New Features- "Gateway" Plug-in for Petrel Software 2013-10-08
Kingdom-Geosteering Realtime Technology 2013-4-24
Oil & gas Exploration New Technology--Microseismic
   Fracture Monitoring 2013-4-24
F.A.S.T and Kingdom Senior Technology Exchange User
   Meeting 2013-4-16
Kingdom Softwares 2013-1-22
EarthPak-Geosteering 2012-12-04
Oil & gas well dynamic analysis working environment
Conventional reservoir production analysis and water
   displacement monitoring 2012-11-30
PST regained SMT exlusive agent on Nov. 22, 2012

Software New Release
EPoffice-FRS+ for Fracture Analysis and Prediction
EPoffice-EPS+ for High-resolution Prestack & Poststack Seismic Inversion
EPoffice-GPA for Pore-pressure/Stress Prediction
Hot Topics
Seismic Data Handling
3D Seismic Interpretation and Modeling
Pre & Post Stack Inversion
Fracture Prediction and Modeling
Reservoir Modeling & Simulation
Basin Simulation and Oil & Gas System Analysis
F.A.S.T Software Procedures
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