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Congratulations on the regaining of exlusive agency status for SMT softwares on Nov. 22, 2012

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Congratulations on the successful completion of 2013 PST F.A.S.T and Kingdom softwares user meeting!

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April 22, 2013

Congratulations on the successful aquisition of JAS!

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Congratulations on the successful completion of 2014 Unconventional Energy Exploration and Develoment Forum.
Nov.23rd, 2014
Happy New Year!
    Best Wishes to All!
Jan,1st, 2015

2015 IHS Petroleum Industry Tightenup Challenge Forum
Hi, employment opportunities...
    Sales Manager,Sales Reps, etc. Call 010-84871026 for more details
Oct.10th, 2015

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Fracture Forecast Study in Jiaoshiba 3D Work Area

      On March 12, Mid-term achievement report of project Fracture Forecast Study in Jiaoshiba 3D Work Area was held in Wuhan by Jianghan Oil Field Geophysics Prospecting Research Institute of Sinopec. Our technical team focused on technical characteristics of shale gas reservoir, solved many difficulties and achieved good research results through 5 months’ study. The achievements have close relationship with production and can be applied in production. Party A of the contract gave high appraise on these achievements.

     PST Service Corp. has done a very good job in unconventional area as the company pays much attention to financial and technical investment on employment and development technology of unconventional reservoir. Through research and development, PST Service forms a series of technology including sweet point forecast of unconventional gas and oil, fracture analysis forecast, geological study of unconventional oil and gas reservoir, reservoir evaluation and capacity estimation and unconventional gas and oil reservoir modeling. The technical advance in unconventional area provides company power and guarantee for future increasing of performance.


PST Service Corp.

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