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             Address:Ste A506/507, Peking Times Square,103
             Huizhongli,Chaoyang District,Beijing,China


             Tel:+86 010-84871026\1027\1028  


             Fax:+86 010-84871029

Software New Release
EPoffice-FRS+ for Fracture Analysis and Prediction
EPoffice-EPS+ for High-resolution Prestack & Poststack Seismic Inversion
EPoffice-GPA for Pore-pressure/Stress Prediction>
Hot Topics
Seismic Data Handling
3D Seismic Interpretation and Modeling
Pre & Post Stack Inversion
Fracture Prediction and Modeling
Reservoir Modeling & Simulation
Basin Simulation and Oil & Gas System Analysis
F.A.S.T Software Procedures
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