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    PST Service Corp. is a well-known enterprise in Oil & Gas industry. The company strives to provide the best integrated solutions for oil companies.The main businesses of the company are software development and promotion, research and technical services, plus representing advanced overseas software technologies. PST has been exclusive agents for Gocad, Petromode IES, SMT, OpenInventor, JOA, etc, at the moment, it represents F.A.S.T software and Kingdom softwares, all by IHS. The company also developed its own OpenPetro-FracPM Fracture Identification and Prediction System and OpenPetro-FRIM Seismic Fracture Identification System. In addition, the company has a powerful engineering team. The company strives to deliver the best solutions to its customers as well as innovation.
  The company emphasizes that technology is the life of the company, there are about 50 employees in the company,including doctorats, masters and senior engineers.Key technology and personnel development play important roles in the progress of the company. The company has achieved a great deal in the field of basin simulation, seismic inversion, reservoir prediction, fracture prediction and modeling, and reservoir engineering, which makes the company take the lead in the oil field.
    The company's service goal is to provide excellent petroleum softwares and good after-sale services and technical supports, as well as increasing geological awareness and reducing drilling risks for the exploration companies, plus improving economic efficiencies.
We have a cooperative team and we are here for the same goal.

Software New Release
EPoffice-FRS+ for Fracture Analysis and Prediction
EPoffice-EPS+ for High-resolution Prestack & Poststack Seismic Inversion
EPoffice-GPA for Pore-pressure/Stress Prediction
Hot Topics
Seismic Data Handling
3D Seismic Interpretation and Modeling
Pre & Post Stack Inversion
Fracture Prediction and Modeling
Reservoir Modeling & Simulation
Basin Simulation and Oil & Gas System Analysis
F.A.S.T Software Procedures
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